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Développement au Kenya de l’agriculture hors-sol

Le développement au Kenya de l'agriculture hors-sol constitue permettrait d'économiser les terres arables afin de pouvoir produire plus de denrées alimentaires dans cette région aride du continent africain.


Namibie: Le génocide du IIe Reich oublié

Le génocide en Namibie des pleuples nama et hereros s'est perpétué de 1904 à 1911. Une histoire à découvrir en vidéo!

While programs within the prison itself are necessary, external rehabilitative programs help reduce recidivism, which requires ongoing expenditures for the supervision of released offenders (Coyle, 2003). American populace as being tough on crime. To the rest of the western world, the penal system in the United States is viewed as a broken system, where the U. The Nordic approach to punishment, the setup of their prisons, and the public perception of the purpose of the penal system are fundamentally different than the US. One example is an antibody to the glycolysis enzyme, glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (GPI), which has been the subject of intense interest because 50% of patients with RA have serum antibodies to GPI. T lymphocytes) actually bind to target cells, while a majority of the dose gets trapped in the reticuloendothelial system (eg, in the liver) ( 58). Modifications to antibodies (ie, diabodies, tetrabodies, and minibodies) are currently being performed and evaluated in the hope of avoiding such problems in the future ( 59). Just as antibodies can be pain medication online without prescription labeled, so can inflammatory cytokines or receptor antagonists. Catecholamines and aggression: The role of COMT and MAO polymorphisms. Widom CS, DuMont K, Czaja SJ. A prospective investigation of major depressive disorder and comorbidity in abused and neglected children grown up. Full Text Available The existence of sex differences in brain function is still today a controversial issue, and contradictory results are reported in the scientific literature. Part of this controversy would be solved by taken into consideration the rhythmic changes in the levels of circulating gonadal steroids during the menstrual or estrous cycle in females as compared to males. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in oxidative metabolism of limbic brain regions in male and female rats at two different stages of estral cycle (estrous and diestrous)..

Lionel Zinsou parle de l’intégration financière en Afrique


Replay BET AWARDS 2014 (Live)

Pendant que le monde entier se focalise sur la Coupe du monde au Brésil, hier se sont tenus à Los Angeles les BET Awards. Une cérémonie présenté par Chris Rock....


Regard sur l’ascension du TP Mazembe, un puissant club de foot africain

Le TP Mazembe est le club congolais de la ville de Lumumbashi. Présentation d'un des clubs les plus puissants en Afrique.